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SSAA hunting update

SSAA hunting update

There is so much happening in the hunting space at the moment that SSAA Victoria thought it was important to update the membership.

We are now half way through the 2017 duck hunting season, which closes on Monday, June 12. The Game Management Authority (GMA) has reported no problems with duck hunter behaviour since some isolated incidents of early shooting around the Kerang wetlands on opening weekend.

Wetlands closed due to high numbers of protected species are being regularly checked. If and when protected species disperse from those locations, GMA will recommend they be re-opened to hunting.

The hog deer balloted hunting trial on Snake Island has been progressing well. A number of animals have been taken, including some good stags. Both GMA and hunters involved in the trial have been really positive about its progress.

Members of the Working Gundogs Association of Australia have been having a ball working their dogs in the field during the duck and quail seasons. Quail have not been around in large numbers but hunters have managed to bag enough for a feed and the dogs have been getting a good workout. A number of members are also preparing their dogs for the 2017 SSAA SHOT Expo in Melbourne on Saturday, May 20 and Sunday, May 21. The gundogs are always a crowd favourite and well worth watching.

All members are encouraged to share their hunting stories, successes or close encounters with the rest of the membership. Photos, reports or short stories should be sent to

The hunting development team would also like to hear about any hunting issues that affect our members by calling the State Office on 03 8892 2777 or emailing the above address.